The 6th Day
   Let me first say that I like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I like him and, with very few exceptions, the movies he appears in.  Yes, I even enjoyed The Last Action Hero.  That I am a fan must be clearly understood before reading this review for The 6th Day
Now, having prepared you, here it is:
    It's beginning to look like Arnold has some sort of fixation on alternate versions of himself.  Many of his films include one.  Total Recall, The Running Man, the previously mentioned Last Action Hero, Twins- no, wait, that was Danny DeVito in that one, but you get the idea.  In Junior, he creates a baby Arnold (Arnette), in True Lies he has two distinct identities, and in the Terminator films, we are told that every T-800 series looks just like him.  Where will it all end?  My hope is that it will end with The 6th Day.
    Put all those other movies in a blender, and you might get something like The 6th Day.  It's about Arnold being cloned, in the near future, of course, and the action and destruction that follows is very predictable and surprisingly boring to watch.
     This is a movie with zero originality, except that someone made the questionable decision to have a lot of dialogue in the script.  The result is that poor Arnie is forced to 'act'.  There's a reason he usually plays the quiet type, and The 6th Day is an excellent example of why quick one-liners are his stock and trade.  Arnold rattles off plenty of excruciatingly wooden seven and eight-liners in this film, but not a single memorable one-liner. 
    Also, even the special effects seem like they were recycled from other movies.  The look of the film is a cross between Total Recall and True Lies, right down to the props and settings, and the violent humor is also derivative of those films.  Again, nothing at all original to see.
    If you are a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you've probably seen this film before, so don't bother seeing it again.  If you aren't an Arnold fan, then this movie isn't going to change that.  The 6th Day only proves that Arnold's action movie formula has been cloned one too many times.  Now, aren't we all excited about True Lies 2 and Terminator 3
(At the moment, neither am I.)
Directed By:  Roger Spottiswoode
Starring:  Arnold Schwarzenegger x 2, Tony Goldwin, Michael Rapaport,
Robert Duvall, Sarah Wynter, Wendy Crewson
Rated:  PG-13 (Violence / Language)
Running Time:  118 Min.
Arnold Stars
With Himself
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Review published
November 30, 2000
A.J.'s Rating: 1.5 Alternate Arnolds
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