Me, Myself & Irene
Directed By:  Peter and Bobby Farrelly
Starring:  Jim Carrey, RENEE ZELLWEGER
Rated:  R (Language / Way-Beyond-Crude Humor)
Running Time:  116 Min.
    In this comedy, Jim Carrey plays Charlie, a mild mannered Rhode Island State Police Officer, who, after his wife leaves him, loses the will to assert himself.  As a result, he becomes the laughing stock of his home town.  Eventually, the ridicule and pressure finally drive him over the edge, causing him to develop a split personality.  His alter ego is a lecherous, Dirty Harry wannabe named Chuck, who asserts himself at every opportunity.

    As far as I'm concerned, There's Something About Mary marks the high point of low comedy.   It was written and directed by the demented film making team of the Farrelly brothers.  Peter and Bobby Farrelly seem to delight in seeing how many people they can offend for comedic effect in their films, and how many others they can simply gross out.  Each new film they produce has the challenging goal of pushing that comedic envelope even farther toward the limits of bad taste.  I have great respect for that.  However, with their newest film, Me, Myself & Irene, they miss that mark, hit the "Bad Taste Barrier", and go down in flames.

     I must admit that there are some funny moments in Me, Myself & Irene, but they are all due to Jim Carrey's performance.  Without Jim Carrey, this movie wouldn't exist.  His physical and facial antics are legendary, and watching him display that talent is almost worth the price of admission... almost.  

     The story is horrible, and never approaches anything remotely resembling an actual plot.  For comparison, another Farrelly brothers film, Dumb and Dumber, which also stars Jim Carrey, has a better plot, and that's not saying much.   At best, the jokes in Me, Myself & Irene were recycled variations seen in other Farrelly films, and at worst they were recycled jokes from earlier in this one!  The humor was mostly of the 'I can't believe they filmed this!' variety, which means that you may laugh, but would be embarassed to admit it to anyone after the lights come up.  Worse yet, some of the jokes just weren't very funny to begin with, and most of those were running gags that were run straight into the ground.  Those jokes are even less funny once you've seen them three or four times! 

    For a really entertaining night of Farrelly brothers humor, stay as far away from Me, Myself & Irene as possible, and rent the much underrated Farrelly brothers gem, Kingpin instead.   Or, of course, you could always see There's Something About Mary again.  I sure wish I had!
A.J.'s Rating: 1 movie too far over the edge, Way too far
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Review published
June 24, 2000
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