How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Directed By:  Ron Howard
Starring:  Jim Carrey, Taylor Momsen, Jeffrey Tambor,
Christine Baranski, Molly Shannon, Bill Irwin,
Josh Ryan Evans, Clint Howard, Anthony Hopkins
Rated:  PG (Crude Grinchy Behavior)
Running Time:  101 Min.
   From Ron Howard and Jim Carrey comes the tale of the Grinch, and with talent like that, a great movie's a cinch!  It all starts with the Whos, down in Whoville, you see, each one ready for Christmas, they're hearts full of glee.  But above all the Whos, in a worrisome state, lives the smelly old Grinch, and just what does he hate?  He hates Christmas, the presents, the singing, the joy, because these are the things that he missed as a boy.  So the Grinch hatches a plan, so evil and cruel, to take Christmas away, and ruin every Who's yule. 
    The Grinch is a mean one, it has often been said, but in the hands of Jim Carrey, he's funny instead!  Although for the young, he could have been quite a fright, he's not very scary, in fact he's just right.  With his bushy green body, yellow eyes, and strange twitches, the Grinch should have kids of all ages in stitches.  Here's a tip for all parents, since you know your kid's fears, and we wouldn't want little ones to shed any tears; if the mere sight of Santa would make your kid flinch, then perhaps, just maybe, then so would the Grinch.
    Director Ron Howard has pulled out all the stops, from the special effects to the makeup and props.  Whoville is amazing, a sight to behold, and Mount Crumpet, the Grinch lair, looks majestically cold.  He has taken some license with the story he's got, by adding more characters, music, and plot, but it all comes together quite well in the end, the additions creating a fanciful blend. 
    This holiday treat is pure family fare, a Hollywood item that's become very rare.  Violence, swearing, and sex are the things this film lacks; we just get the Whos, the mean Grinch, and his faithful dog Max.  What more could you want?  What more could there be?  I guess we'll just have to wait for Grinch 2 and Grinch 3!
    What we have is a movie to delight young and old, with a story that's great, however it's told.  Ron Howard and Jim Carrey, and the Imagine Entertainment crowd, thanks for The Grinch, you've done Dr. Seuss proud.  Thus ends my review, as well as my rhyme, so just go see The Grinch; you'll have a good time.

A.J.'s Rating: 4 Christmas Who-Stars
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Review published
November 17, 2000
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