Deep Blue Sea
   Deep Blue Sea, or, as I like to call it, "Jurassic Shark", is yet another big-budget summer movie that lacks anything remotely approaching originality.  This blatant rip-off of Jurassic Park is about a group of scientists who have created genetically altered sharks.  And yes, the sharks end up going on a violent rampage against their creators.  Surprise!
    The man in charge of funding this endeavor, played by Samuel L. Jackson, arrives at the high-tech, ocean-surrounded complex just in time for all hell to break loose.  The scientific complex is run by a skeleton crew, since most of the workers had shore leave for the weekend.  Naturally, there's a big tropical storm headed right for it.  The sharks are smart enough to realize that this gives them a great chance for escape, as well as an opportunity for revenge against the scientists that have held them captive.  The sharks bypass the security system and actively seek out the scientists, killing them in many ways that just scream, "Hey everyone, look what we can do with digital effects!"   The scientists need to get to a certain part of the complex, to restore power, attempt to contain the sharks, and call for help.  There is even a deadly game of cat and mouse that takes place in the compound's kitchen.   Does any of this sound vaguely familiar?

    This movie takes almost every plot device from Jurassic Park, and substitutes sharks for raptors.  The difference is that, in Jurassic Park, we cared about the characters.  Here, we are never given reason to.
    Deep Blue Sea wants to give the impression that it's Jurassic Park meets Jaws, but it really only wants to make some quick money.  I almost regret mentioning Jurassic Park and Jaws in the same sentence with Deep Blue Sea, since both are about a million times better.  Apologies to Mr. Spielberg for now having done that twice.
    Samuel L. Jackson's only motive here must have been for an easy paycheck, since he already made this movie a few years ago.  You may remember that he was in Jurassic Park, too! 
    So, unless you want to see some pretty good special effects with a brainless plot about brainy sharks, stay away from this one. 
Directed By:  Renny Harlin
Starring:  Saffron Burrows, Thomas Jane, LL Cool J,
Michael Rapaport, Stellan Skarsgard, Samuel L. Jackson

MPAA: Rated R (Violence / Language / Gore)
Running Time:  105 Min.
Review published
November 2, 2000
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