Directed By:  Robert Zemeckis
Starring:  Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt
MPAA: Rated PG-13 (Intense Situations)
Running Time:  143 Min.

    Before I begin this review, I would like to mention that if you can avoid seeing the full-length promotional trailer for this movie, do so at all costs!  The trailer is, in itself, a spoiler for this film.  However, for the misfortunate many who have already watched the trailer, let me make it clear that this movie is still well worth seeing!
    Tom Hanks stars as Chuck Noland, an all around regular workaholic for the Federal Express delivery company.  Through some extremely bad luck, he soon finds himself stranded, alone on a tropical island. 
    We then witness the journey of this one man, Chuck, as he learns to deal with his new environment.  Much of the film goes by with little or no dialogue, since Hanks is alone on the island with no reason to speak.  As he begins to adapt to his situation, he also grows as an individual, discovering what he, as a human being, is truly capable of.  The strength of the human spirit is Cast Away's central theme.  If you've seen the trailer, then you know the rest of the plot, and if you haven't, then far be it for me to ruin everything for you!
    At times, this film skirts the edge of becoming 'non-Hollywood'.  However, Zemeckis and Hanks, as they did before with Forrest Gump, stay within the box-office friendly boundaries, while still providing the audience with many unexpected delights.  Unlike most big-budget movies, Cast Away never shys away from taking a few risks. 
    Another movie this film reminded me of was The Truman Show, in that Chuck's only enemies, as he finds his way through life, are the unseen forces that attempt to control his destiny.  Also, as with both Forrest Gump and The Truman Show, Cast Away is full of humorous scenes that help to temper its dramatic edge. 
    So, even if you think you've already seen this film, or that you've just read about it, you really haven't.  This is a good one.  Go see it.  I'll say no more.
Cast Away
Review published
January 3, 2001
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