The 6th Day *1/2
Anger Management  *
Battlefield Earth   Zero!
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2  *
Bringing Down the House   Zero!
The Butterfly Effect  *1/2
The Cat in the Hat   Zero!
Clockstoppers  *1/2
Cold Creek Manor   Zero!
Confidence  *
The Crew    Zero!
The Day After Tomorrow  *1/2
Deep Blue Sea  *1/2
Driven  *1/2
Fantastic Four  Zero!
Final Destination 2   Zero!
Gigli   Zero!
Halloween: Resurrection  *
Hannibal  *1/2
Hidalgo  *1/2
Hulk  *1/2
I Spy  *
Impostor  *
Jason X  *
John Carpenter's Ghost of Mars  *1/2
Jurassic Park III  *1/2
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider  *1/2
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen  *
Lost Souls  *
Me, Myself & Irene  *
Mission To Mars  *
Monkeybone    Zero!
Pearl Harbor   Zero!
Red Planet  *
Reign of Fire  *1/2
Road Trip  *1/2
Scary Movie 3  *1/2
Scooby Doo  *1/2
Serving Sara    Zero!
Shark Tale  *1/2
Sweet November  *1/2
Training Day  *
Van Helsing  *1/2
Vertical Limit    Zero!
What Lies Beneath   Zero!
The Wild Wild West  *1/2
Without a Paddle *
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