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Dec. 21, 2000:  Grinch Does the Impossible: The blockbuster holiday hit Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas has surpassed Mission: Impossible-2 as the highest grossing film of the year! As of this date, The Grinch is closing in on the $250 million mark, just in its North American release... M:I-2's final, worldwide gross topped out around $215 million.
Dec. 19, 2000: That Wild & Crazy Academy: It has been announced that the 73rd Academy Awards program will be hosted by Mr. Steve Martin.  Martin, who has never been nominated for an Oscar, was heard to exclaim, "If you can't win 'em, join 'em!" And that's... the Quote of the Month!
Dec. 16, 2000:  Diaz Conquers Romans: Actress Cameron Diaz was surprised to find thieves in her Rome hotel room, and promptly screamed, scaring the pair of bungling burglars away.  They must have seen Charlie's Angels!
Dec. 15, 2000:  Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: The next Kevin Smith flick is set to star, among the usuals, Shannon Elizabeth, Will Ferrell, Judd Nelson, Steve Kmetko, and Jason Biggs.  Hmm... A curious lineup!
Dec. 3, 2000:   You're A Rich One, Mr. Grinch:  For the third week in a row, Ron Howard's "Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas" leads the U.S. Box Office chart.  Pulling in over $27 million this past weekend, that brings "The Grinch" to a 17 day gross of $172 million!  Universal Pictures predicts the U.S. run of the film to top out around $250 million. Merry Christmas Universal, and, of course,  Happy Hanukkah!
Nov. 29, 2000:  Rumors... Bond Rumors: Okay, I try not to print many rumors here, but as a die-hard 007 fan, I must pass these along...
The next James Bond film, Beyond The Ice, is said to feature Catherine Zeta Jones as a Bond Girl, and Kevin Spacey as the villian.  It is also rumored to be Pierce Brosnan's final stint as the famed secret agent.  Shooting locations include Alaska, Ireland, Washington D.C., and of course, the U.K. Hmm...  I don't think I like the title.
Showbiz Quote Of The Month: Woody Allen, on the U.S. Presidential Candidates - " 'W' (George W. Bush) is the kind of guy you see in the stands at a football game with war paint on a bare chest . . . Gore (Al), his rival, is like the character in a film who is promised in marrage to a beautiful girl, but loses at the last minute in favor of the hero. "   Woody has obviously seen Spaceballs!
Nov. 27, 2000: Robert Downey Jr. - Down Again: Imagine you're a very talented actor, who has just been released early from prison, where you were serving a three year sentence for breaking a probation which stemmed from earlier drug charges.  You immediately land a recurring role on the popular television series Ally McBeal, and a new movie deal to star opposite Billy Crystal and Julia Roberts.  Everything's going just swell.  What would you do then?  If  you're Robert Downey Jr., apparently, you would load up on cocaine and methamphetamine, and get arrested by the Palm Springs Police. 
That's some messed up stuff right there.
          Bonus!  Stump your friends with movie trivia...

          Question:  Who is the only former cast member of Saturday
                           Night Live to be nominated for an Academy Award?
          Answer:   Robert Downey Jr., for his performance in Chaplin.
                                        (^highlight above with mouse!^)

Nov. 26, 2000:  Sequel News - Blade 2: Wesley Snipes will return as the vampire super hero.  Also returning will be Kris Kristofferson, as Snipe's right hand man. Shooting begins in February, 2001.  Wait a minute... didn't Kristofferson's character sort of DIE in the first Blade film?

Nov. 25, 2000:  The Dread Pirate Ridley: Director Ridley Scott's next film will be Captain Kidd, which chronicles the high-seas exploits of the legendary pirate. Anyone remember Cutthroat Island? 
Nov. 20, 2000: Disney Do's & Don'ts: The new Disney feature, The Emperor's New Groove, is reported to have undergone countless revisions, including a complete re-shoot of nearly half the film, with a new director, new songs, and new actors.  Originally entitled Kingdom of the Sun, featuring six songs written and sung by Sting, and including the voice of Owen Wilson and direction by The Lion King's Roger Allers, the first showing to company executives failed to impress.  After many boardroom committee meeting rulings (uh, oh!), novice director Mark Dindall was signed on, Owen Wilson's character has been erased, and the Sting songs were scrapped.  However, those songs will still appear on the soundtrack, as 'inspired by' the movie.  Sting then wrote two new songs which are used in the final cut of the film. Usually I reserve judgement, but this movie is doomed, DOOMED I tell you!

Nov. 18, 2000:  More Spiderman News: Willem Dafoe has been cast to play the Green Goblin!  Darn, I was rooting for John Malkovich.

Oct. 20, 2000:  "Spy Game" Hits Snag:  With shooting scheduled to begin this Thursday in Israel, recent violence in the troubled region has caused director
Tony Scott to re-evaluate his choice of location.  Production has been delayed until a substitute location, possibly Tunisia, can be found.  Spy Game is a political thriller that will star Robert Redford and Brad Pitt.
Oct. 19, 2000:  Battlefield Earth 2 ???: In a move to further destroy his film career, John Travolta is trying to gain support for a sequel to his universally detested fiasco, Battlefield Earth.  In his own words, "The bottom line is that I feel really good about it.  Here I was taking big chances, breaking a new genre.  When I felt better about everything was when George Lucas and Quentin Tarantino and a lot of people that I felt knew what they were doing saw it and
thought it was a great piece of science fiction."   John, I hate to break it to you, but they were just being 'nice'.  They hated your film.  After you left, they all made fun of you.  Tarantino made a joke comparing the platform shoes you wore in Battlefield Earth with those of Saturday Night Fever, and Lucas laughed so hard that his sparkling water shot out of his nose.  Then Lucas said that if he'd only had those Battlefield Earth tubes sticking out of his nostrils, that wouldn't have happened.  Anyway, go ahead John, follow your dream.

Speaking of Tarantino:  Quentin is working on his next project, an as yet untitled 'noir' film set to star Uma Thurman.  Talks are underway with Warren Beatty to also star.  Though he wouldn't divulge any details, Tarantino did say that his fans would really like it. 

Love Bug 2001 Gets Fast Track:  Disney Head Honcho Michael Eisner wants a big-screen remake of The Love Bug ready for release before the threatened writer and actor strikes of Summer 2001. Though no one has been cast to star opposite the sentient VW, it has been decided that Herbie will remain a mid-60s model Beetle.  According to those at Disney, it was also decided that the 2000 model wouldn't be used because they want to create a movie, not a Volkswagen commercial.  Ooh...  Ouch.

Oct. 17, 2000:  Jinkys!  Scooby Pic Gets Green Light: Scooby-Doo is coming to a theatre near you.  The live-action film, chronicling the spooky misadventures of Scooby & the Mystery Inc. gang, will begin shooting this February in Australia.  Uh-oh.  I smell another computer generated character... & it ain't gonna be Daphne.

Oct. 16, 2000: Curse of the Mummy: Brendan Fraiser spoke recently about the sequel to 1999's The Mummy, saying that the plot involves a cursed spot where souls have been sucked in for 3000 years, and a warrior who has made a pact with the god of war.  That warrior is the Scorpion King, played by WWF wrestler, The Rock.  The Rock's real name is Dwayne Johnson...
(Make your own joke.)

Oct. 13, 2000:  Hitchhiker's Guide to Moviemaking:  Disney has seemingly nixed the idea (again) to make a feature based on the Sci-Comedy classic Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, but director Jay Roach, of Austin Powers and Meet The Parents fame, may take the project to another studio.  Roach spoke recently about the problems with making the film, saying, "It's quirky and expensive and it's hard to sell.  It's a risk, but Austin Powers was rejected at every studio before New Line took it."  Roach also said that his vision for Hitchhiker's would probably require a budget in the 85-100 million dollar range. 

Oct. 12, 2000Coming Soon... TRON 2.0: It's TRUE!  Steven Lisberger, who directed the first Tron, has confirmed that he is working on a sequel.  He also said that he wants to recreate the look and feel that the first film had in the way of computer graphics, but with actual digital effects.  Now THAT'S irony.
Sept. 28, 2000: Academy to Honor Animation: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has created an Oscar category for animated features.  They have also decided to give them all to Disney.  (Oops, was that secret?)

Sept. 26, 2000:  "Wildlife" Bites The Dust: The planned Disney animated feature, "Wildlife", has been killed by none other than studio vice-chairman Roy Disney.  The feature, a mega-budget 3-D toon along lines similar to "Toy Story" and "A Bug's Life", would have been produced completely in-house, by Disney Feature Animation, without the help of the Disney partner Pixar.  It is said that the disappointing box-office of Disney's "Dinosaur" played a large part in the decision to cancel the project.  That, and having to pay off all those annoying Disneyland injury lawsuits!

Sept. 25, 2000:  Farrelly Brothers Put "Hal" Into High Gear:  In a move to head off the expiration of the Screen Actors Guild pact, the demented Farrelly brothers have sped up production on their new film, "Shallow Hal", hoping to finish shooting before July 1, 2001. The comedy will star Jack Black as Hal, the world's most shallow man, who suddenly finds that he has fallen in love with the 'inner beauty' of a homely woman.  The role of the 'inner beauty' that Hal sees is still uncast, butt filmmakers are negotiating with Gwyneth Paltrow.   In negotiations for the role of Hal's shallow friend, is Gary Shandling. I was fine with this until the mentioned Shandling.  Why not find someone MORE annoying?
Sept. 22, 2000:  EXORCIST RETURNS:  Opening this friday in selected cities is the extended cut of this horror classic.  With 11 minutes of added footage, and a revamped soundtrack, "The Exorcist" will once again be turning heads across America. Pea soup, anyone?
Sept 21, 2000:   Batman: Year One Gains Aronofsky!:  The director of "Pi" will helm the fifth film of the franchise.  "Batman: Year One" chronicles Bruce Wayne's first year as the Caped Crusader.  It is based on the graphic novel "Batman: YO", originally penned in 1987.  According to sources, this storyline more closely follows the film noir feel of the "Dark Knight" Batman series than the colorful Dynamic Duo of Hollywood's lackluster "Batman Forever" and "Batman & Robin" films.  Dennis Aronofsky is the next Tim Burton.
Aug. 25, 2000: Spielberg Woos Williams:  Robin Williams has been signed to do voiceover narration for Spielberg's sci-fi epic, "A.I."
Aug. 19, 2000: Star Wars: Episode II - The One Before Episode III:
The as yet half-titled second episode of the Star Wars saga is on schedule for its May 25, 2002 release date.  After finishing 3 more weeks of an 8 week  shoot in Australia, the production will relocate to Tunisia.  Also, another character has been cast, as Christopher Lee joins up to play what is described as a "charismatic separatist". 

Woo Hoo!  Simpson's Movie Update:  A long rumored "Simpson's" film project was given new credibility today as Simpson's creator Matt Groening spoke about his plans for television's longest running cartoon family - "It's a little daunting coming up with a half-hour TV episode, let alone a full-length feature.", said Groening, "No deals have been struck, but we will do one."  Hey, Groening!  Just in case you're considering the idea... NO LIVE-ACTION!!!
Aug. 18, 2000: Pacino To Act Opposite "Jar-Jar" Co-Star:  Unable to find a suitable actress to play opposite Al Pacino in the upcoming film "Simone", filmmaker Andrew Nicole has decided to create one himself.  The leading lady of his new film will be completely computer generated.  The Screen Actor's Guild is worried about this prospect, since, unlike animated films, with this project, an actor will be losing a role.  "Flesh & blood actors should not have to compete with computers.", stated a S.A.G. spokesman.  To all S.A.G. members:  Welcome to the club!  : )
Aug. 16, 2000: Columbia Pictures Jumps Teen Spoof Bandwagon:    With the success of the recent teen horror spoof, "Scary Movie", Columbia Pictures has given the green light to it's own parody, but apparently without the horror aspects.  The working title of this epic is "Ten Things I Hate About Clueless Road Trips When I Can't Hardly Wait To Be Kissed"  That's the actual title... not a good sign.
Aug. 14, 2000:   New Line To Play D&D: New Line Cinema has secured the
domestic release rights to "Dungeons & Dragons:  The Movie".  The $36 million film stars Jeremy Irons, Marlon Wayans, and Thora Birch, and is based on the classic fantasy game.  Marlon Wayans?
Aug. 13, 2000:   The Cat Comes Back: Convinced that this Fall's "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" will hit box-office gold, Universal Studios has green-lighted its next Dr. Seuss project.  "The Cat in the Hat" will be a live-action telling of the tongue twisting tale.  Tim Allen is being considered to star.  Darn, I was really hoping the second Dr. Seuss movie would be "Green Eggs And Ham" with Jack Nicholson.
Aug. 11, 2000:   Pixar Makes Monsters:  "Monsters Inc."  will be the next techno-toon produced by the creators of "Toy Story" and "A Bug's Life".  The story, about a girl who discovers a secret world filled with monsters, will feature the voices of Billy Crystal, John Goodman, James Coburn, Jennifer Tilly, and Steve Buscemi.  TECHNO-TOON... remember, you read that here first!
Aug. 10, 2000:  X-Men To Return:  Bryan Singer, director of the "X-Men" movie, verified today that the entire cast has been signed for an upcoming sequel.  Patrick Stewart is rumored to co-produce.  Still unsigned is Singer, himself. 
Aug. 9, 2000:   Sony Hooks Hogan: Australian director P.J. Hogan will direct Sony's $100 million "Peter Pan" feature.  The script for "Pan" is being worked by Michael Goldenberg, who adapted "Contact" for the big screen.  Industrial Light & Magic will be handling the special effects.  Like I.L.M. isn't busy enough!!!
Aug. 8, 2000Tobey Is Spidey:  Tobey Maguire will play the radioactive webmeister in the big-budget "Spiderman" movie.  He beat out both Wes Bentley and Freddie Prinze Jr. for the super hero role. Wow... it looks like this movie may finally get made!
Aug. 5, 2000: Wyoming Ford To The Rescue:  Harrison Ford and his Bell 407 helicopter came to the rescue of stranded hikers on Table Mountain last weekend.  Ford, a part time Jackson, Wyoming resident, volunteers his piloting skills for rescue missions to save the county the cost of hiring a private pilot. Harrison is A.J.'s "Cool Celebrity of the Month"!
Aug. 3, 2000:  JP III To Make Spielberg Richer, Others Poorer: Even though he won't direct Jurassic Park III, Steven Spielberg will take 20% of the first dollar gross as producer of the film.  Not the net gross, the FIRST DOLLAR GROSS.  Note to myself:  Figure out a way to get mentioned in Spielberg's will.
Walken Not Darth Bane: Christopher Walken, long rumored to be a major player in the new Star Wars film, denied any connection with the project during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno... "People have been telling me for 6 months and it's very interesting", said Walken, "I even asked.  I said maybe I am in it and they're just saving it for a surprise.  But I'm not in that movie.  Never was.  I don't know how that happened.  Maybe somebody put it on the internet.  I tell you frankly that the only place I've ever heard that is by way of rumor."  Good job, everyone... That rumor worked great!  Now let's start one naming him the next Superman!!!
Aug. 2, 2000:  New Wolfgang Project: "Perfect Storm" director Wolfgang Petersen is developing his next project, curently titled "Endurance".  It is based on the true story of British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, who helped save a group of adventurers during a failed Antarctic expedition in 1914.  Mel Gibson and Russell Crowe are both being considered to star.  What about Keanu?
Aug. 1, 2000:  Tim Roth Goes Ape: Roth has signed on to the Tim Burton remake of "Planet of the Apes".  Also starring are Mark Wahlberg, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Paul Giamatti.  "Planet of  the Apes" is scheduled for a July 4, 2001 release.

Batman: Episode I - "The Bat Begins":  The next Batman movie will be a prequel, which will center on the origins of the Caped Crusader.  Hey, didn't we all see that in the first "Batman"?
July 31,2000:   "Soldier" Fan Celebrates Birthday!:  Matt Morgan turned 21 today.  Matt's a good friend, and the only person I know who really likes that movie...  which sucked.  Happy Birthday, M@!

July 31, 2000:   "Nutty Professor II" A HUGE Hit: Eddie Murphy hit it big over the weekend with the best opening of his career.  "The Klumps"  took in $42.7 million, and unseated "What Lies Beneath" as the #1 film in America.  Just imagine what it's gonna do in France!
July 30, 2000: Charles Barkley to Act Again!:  The former NBA star who
                         appeared in the 1998 film "He Got Game" says that he has
                         always wanted to be an actor.  Barkley has narrowed down his
                         offers to 5 or 10 scripts, and says "I'm not going to be no action
                         hero, but I do want to kill people," and adds, "I've always
                         wanted to kill somebody, so I can't wait to do that."  
                          I'm too afraid to add any jokes here...  Um, no I'm not:


                          #3: Barkley blows away America's most beloved cartoon
                                characters in "Space Jam With A Vengeance"

                         #2: Barkley and Kevin Bacon as two zany mismatched
                                hair salon partners in "The Glare Up There"

                          #1: A screenplay dictated to someone by Sir Barkley himself;
                                "Big Black Dude Who Goes Around Killing People"
                                (Not to be confused with "The O.J. Simpson Story")

                          Here's a bonus suggestion: 
                          Barkley plays a hand grenade throwing genie in "Kablaam!"
                          Chuck, if you're interested, have your people call my people,
                          and they'll do lunch.  Ciao!
July 19, 2000:  Studios Wage War Against Downloaders:  A lawsuit by the eight major film companies, for alleged copyright infringement, was filed this week against Eric Corley, who publishes the hacker magazine and website "2600". Corley's website is responsible for distributing software that allows computer users to bypass DVD encryption technology and download films to disc or send them to others via the internet.  When first served with the suit in January, Corley agreed to remove the software from his website, and the studios backed off.  However, Corley continued to provide over 400 links to sites where the code breaking program could be found, citing journalistic freedom of  speech.  The First Amendment Rules!!!
July 17, 2000:  "X-Men" Smashes Box Office Record: With over 57 million dollars taken in during its first weekend, "X-Men" holds the record for the biggest non-holiday, non-sequel box office opening ever.   It is also the fourth largest three day opening in history, after "The Phantom Menace", "Jurassic Park", and "Mission: Impossible-2".
July 13, 2000:  An American Harry Potter? WB Says, "No Way!": Contrary to rumors, the Harry Potter movie now in  pre-production will remain true to its British origins.  According to the studio, "this will be a British Harry.  Not a single person in this film will be anything other than British."  Now there's a discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen!
July 11, 2000:  Scary Sequel?: The makers of the hit slasher movie spoof, "Scary Movie" have announced that they are already planning a sequel...  even though the tag-line for the film states, "No mercy.  No shame.  No sequel."  According to the
film's distributor, the tag-line for the next "Scary Movie" will be, "Look - - we lied!"  

                        BOX OFFICE RECORDS SET BY "SCARY MOVIE"

                        1: Highest grossing R-rated debut ever  ($42.3 million)
                        2: Second biggest opening of the year  (behind "M:I-2")
                        3:  Largest opening ever for a film directed by an African
                             American  (Keenan Ivory Wayans)
                        Of course they're gonna make a sequel!!!!!!!
July 9, 2000:   Jurassic Park 3-  "The Lost Concept":   In an attempt to regain some of the feel of the first "Jurassic Park", Sam Neill has been signed on to be in the 2nd sequel. There are also rumors that Laura Dern may make a cameo appearance in the film.  How much of the first "Jurassic Park" is there left to contradict?

June 25, 2000:  Who?: The new Jim Carrey film, "Me, Myself & Irene" opened at #1 this week...  Caution:  Watch for falling BOMB.
June 23, 2000: HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!  Sequel News:

                        Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back, in "Terminator 3"
                        Arnold will be back again in "Terminator 4"
                        Arnold will be back yet again in "True Lies 2"
                        Anyone tired of Arnold yet? - You will be!

                        Harrison Ford will return as Indiana Jones in an as yet
                        untitled 4th Indy film.  Steven Speilberg will again direct.

                        Paul Hogan (remember him?) will return in "Crocodile
                        Dundee 3"  Another sign of the coming apocalypse, mate!
                        Sharon Stone will star in "Basic Instinct 2" and Michael
                        Douglas won't.  Okay, how's THAT gonna work?

                        Tom Cruise has chosen to accept a 3rd "Mission: Impossible"
                        Of course he has!!!
June 21, 2000:  Wallace & Gromit Feature: Dreamworks has officially announced that it is working with the claymation wizards of Aardman Studios toward creating a feature-length"Wallace & Gromit" outing!!!  The film is scheduled to be released after Aardman's 2002 feature, "The Tortoise and the Hare".  Aardman Studio's first feature, "Chicken Run", opens June 23rd.
June 12, 2000:  Dateline- The City of Townsville:  Warner Brothers has announced that it has joined forces with The Cartoon Network to bring it's hit show "The Powerpuff Girls" to the big screen.  This will be the first ever feature based on an original Cartoon Network series.  Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup will be kicking butt in theatres everywhere next spring.
June  8, 2000: John Woo's Next Project; World War II:  The film "Windtalkers" will star Nicholas Cage and Christian Slater as U.S. soldiers ordered to guard Navajo Indian radio operators who transmit and receive code in their native tougue, thereby confounding Japanese codebreakers.  The story is based on true events, the Navajo language being the only U.S. "code" proven never to have been broken during the war.  Okay, how's Woo going to work doves and "slow-motion" into this?
June 7, 2000:  Now is the Time When We Litigate:  Comic actor Mike Myers is being sued for breach of contract by Universal Studios for backing out of the as yet unfilmed project "Dieter" (Dee-ter).  The movie is based on a character Myers first portrayed on the television series "Saturday Night Live", the host of a fictional German talk show called "Sprockets".  The suit seeks $5 million which the studio contends it has spent on the project so far, as well as lost profits.  It also seeks to bar Myers from working on any other film or television project for the duration of time he had commited to work on "Dieter".  Myers was reportedly shocked by the lawsuit, and stated that he only sought to delay filming while problems with the script were worked out.  Myers statement concerning his reluctance about the project is as follows:  "I cannot in good conscience accept $20 million and cheat moviegoers who pay their hard-earned money to see my work by making a movie with an unacceptable script."  According to Universal, Myers said that he was abandoning the project and that no reason was given. 
Dreamworks "Shrek" to be First 3D IMAX Presentation:  The upcoming animated fantasy "Shrek" will be released next May as a mainstream 2D feature, then as a special IMAX 3D feature which is scheduled to open in December, 2001.  The film, about an ogre who tries to save his swamp from being overrun by other fairy-tale creatures, features the voices of  Cameron Diaz, Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy.
June 6, 2000:  DVD NEWS: August 1, 2000:  "Romeo Must Die" will include 3 featurettes, 2 music videos, and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Aaliyah music video "Try Again". August 15, 2000:  The "Naked Gun" trilogy will be released as a special box DVD set, and will include commentary from writer / director / very silly person David Zucker. August 29, 2000:  "Braveheart" the special edition DVD will include commentary from star / director Mel Gibson, as well as a 28 minute featurette on the making of the film, which was originally produced for the special laserdisc edition a few years back.

June  4, 2000: "Titan A.E." First Feature to Ride Internet:  On Tuesday, June 6, 2000, the animated sci-fi feature will be the first full length film to be digitally projected after being downloaded from a remote location via the internet.  20th Century Fox will show "Titan A.E." to an audience at the Supercomm trade show in Atlanta, GA by sending it over a secure internet-based network from its headquarters in Burbank, CA. (Made possible by Cisco Systems, of course!) The film will be downloaded first, then shown, since the size of its computer file makes simultaneous transmission and projection impossible.  For you techies, the file containing the 90 minute film takes up 50 gigabytes.  Roughly 20,000 times larger than a typical MP3 music file.
May 29, 2000: A.J.'s Summer 2000 Scoreboard:

                       "Battlefield Earth" is Summer 2000's first 'mega-budget'
                        casualty, dropping out of the top ten less than two weeks into
                        "Gladiator" continues to battle admirably in the face if
                        Impossible odds, holding at #4.
                        "U-571" dives to #8, but is proving difficult to sink.
                        Newcomers "Shanghai Noon", "Road Trip", and "Small
                        Time Crooks"  all crack the top ten over the Memorial Day
                        An A.J.'s Place Prediction:  Expect this week's #2 film,
                        Disney's "Dinosaur", to be Summer 2000's next big flop.
                        (Insert your own 'extinction' joke here!)
May 27, 2000:  New Ice Cube Movie in the Works: "Stray Dawgz" is about an ex-con (Cube) who discovers that he is the last in a long line of werewolf hunters, which is a good thing, since his inherited powers are soon summoned to combat a new breed of werewolves who threaten San Francisco.
Whatever you do, don't call him "Buffy"!
May 25, 2000:  Movie Memorabilia Sale!:  Fortunes spent by people with tons of money but no bargaining sense...

                           Lot #1: Ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in "The
                                         Wizard of Oz" sold for $666,000
                           Lot #2:  Rolls Royce featured in the 1964 James Bond
                                         film "Goldfinger" sold for $450,000
                           Lot #3:  Superman costume worn by Christopher Reeves
                                         in all the "Superman" movies sold for $60,000
                           Lot #4:  Shooting script for Mel Brooks' "Spaceballs"
                                         sold for $12   And a fine purchase it was, if I do
                                         say so myself!!!
May 23, 2000:  Violence in Animated Films:  Harvard researchers released a report today which states that parents should not equate a "G" rating with non-violent content.  The study, which looked at over 60 years of animated features, contends that films determined by the MPAA to be acceptable for general audiences contain a significant amount of violent imagery.   Also, that violence in animated features has gone up, from an average of 6 minutes in 1940 to an average of 9.5 minutes in 1999.  Some of the "G" rated films found to be among the most violent were "Quest for Camelot", "The Sword in the Stone", "A Bug's Life", and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame".  Those found least violent include "A Goofy Movie", "Dumbo", "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh", and "My Neighbor Totoro".  In the 74 films involved in the study, there were found to be 125 injuries, 62 resulting in death.  Also, the villians were 23 times more likely to die from an injury than the heroes.  The authors of the report state that "Our content analysis reveals a striking behavioral message implied by many of the "G" rated animated films that the good guys triumph over the bad through the use of physical force."  And the above statement implies that Harvard researchers have reasoning abilities equal to those of very small children!                                
May 14, 2000:  Another Easy Rider?:  Miracle Entertainment announced today that it is planning a sequel to the 1969 Dennis Hopper / Jack Nicholson / Peter Fonda hippie trip "Easy Rider".   They also have an option for two more sequels of the classic cycle flick.  The '60s... are officially dead. 
May 12, 2000: Star Wars News: George Lucas has announced the next Anakin Skywalker!  (Drumroll... ... ...)   Hayden Christensen.  Um, who?
May 11, 2000:  Next Terry Gilliam Film in the Works:  "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" is set to star Johnny Depp as a present day advertising executive who suddenly finds himself in 17th century Spain, being mistaken for the fearless mill-fighter's sidekick, Pancho Sanchez.  Quixote will be played by Jean Rochefort, and Depp's real-life wife, Vanessa Paradis, will     also star.  Shooting will begin this fall.  Wanna bet the title changes?
Top 10 Movies
Week ending Dec. 31, 2000

1)  Cast Away
2)   What Women Want
3)   Family Man
4)   How The Grinch Stole
5)   Miss Congeniality
6)   The Emperor's New
7)   Dracula 2000
8)   Vertical Limit
9)   Dude, Where's
       My Car?
10)  Crouching Tiger,
       Hidden  Dragon
        (Wu hu zang long)
U.S. Box Office Report
Top 10 DVDs
Week ending Dec. 31, 2000

1)  Gladiator
2)   Mission: Impossible-2
3)   The Perfect Storm
4)   Men In Black
5)   Terminator 2
6)   Gone in 60 Seconds
7)   Toy Story / Toy Story 2
8)   Big Momma's House
9)   The Patriot
10)  X-Men

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