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July 6, 2016
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A.J.'s Declaration of Principles
1)  I only review movies that I want to see.  This means that you can expect this site to be heavy on comedy, action, thriller, and science-fiction films, but light on anything starring Melissa McCarthy or Shia LaBeouf. (Actually, I try to see a little of everything, so don't be surprised if the occasional foreign or art-film sneaks its way in amongst the latest Hollywood blockbusters.)
2)  When I watch a film, I start out wanting to like it.  Unlike many movie reviewers, I really don't want to find fault with every movie I see. 
3)  I review movies for what they are. In other words, all films have an even chance for a good rating.  Whether it's a poignant drama, slapstick farce, or mindless thrill-ride, the most important factor is always my own personal enjoyment of the film.  Remember, everything at A.J.'s Place is based on personal opinion. Your own opinions may differ!  I would love to hear from all those Battlefield Earth fans out there, so e-mail me today!
4)  I will never let another review influence my own. I never read reviews of a film before writing my own.  To anyone who writes for enjoyment, my advice is to always strive to be as original as possible. The writing experience will be that much more rewarding if you do.

5)  I will never reveal more plot than necessary. I figure if I tell you the entire plot of a movie, you'll have no reason to see it, so I'll try to not to give away much more than you would get from watching the trailer.  I will never 'spoil' a film, as so many reviewers are prone to do.
6)  If I hate a film, I'll still review it here.   Even though this is just a hobby, and I'd much rather spend my time writing about films that I like, when I see a turkey, I feel an obligation to rant about it!  Warning: Reviews of bad films are usually heavy on sarcasm.  If I didn't have fun watching a film, I'm sure as heck gonna have fun reviewing it!
7)  I will never review a film I haven't seen.  Believe it or not, there are people out there who give their (usually extreme) opinions on films they have not even seen!
8)  This will be a fun site.  My primary goal is for this site to be both informative and entertaining.  To those who lack a sense of humor, consider this your final warning.
9)  I meant what I said earlier about Melissa McCarthy.   LaBeouf, too!
I promise that I shall do my best to uphold the above principles and provide you, the internet surfing movie fan, with the most useful and current information available.  Unless, of course, I've got something better to do.  Then, all bets are off!
         - A.J.