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  This is the sixth incarnation of my first website.  It all began sometime near the end of the last century as an experiment to see how inexpensively a web presence could be created, and it soon became a full-blown hobby. I am a huge movie buff, so a site dedicated to movies (& more!) was the obvious choice.  My first reviews were published in August, 1999. These reviews were for the films Star Wars - Episode 1 (eek!) and Wild Wild West. (eek! eek!)
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About A.J.'s is where you are now.  This is one of three About A.J.'s pages. Links to the other two are at the bottom of this page.
Movie Reviews is where you can find reviews of U.S. released films and entertainment available on streaming video. I am now focusing on streaming and home video reviews, since the powers that be in Hollywood are currently suffering a bout of creative exhaustion and moral bankruptcy, (I'm looking at you, Sony)
DVD Reviews is an archive of reviews from a time when studios actually cared whether or not people bought their films on a physical format. (ah... memories!)
Games & Guides is the place for movie games, guides and more!  Features include my extensive Horror Movie Guide, The Chrono Chronicles, The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Reality - What a Concept!, and A.J.'s (& Scrooge's) Top 20 Christmas Favorites.

Movie News is where I report (and usually comment on) all the latest and greatest events from Tinseltown and beyond.
Movie Links are links to other movie related sites. (my... how retro!)
e-mail sends an e-mail to... ME!  I love to read from visitors to the site, so e-mail your requests and rants today!  Careful though, since your e-mail may find its way onto the site... (evil laugh)  For outside submissions, such as essays, reviews or script material, please e-mail a submission request BEFORE sending anything else!  Do not attach files to your e-mail; unauthorized attachments are automatically deleted, along with the e-mails they were attached to.
A.J.'s Rating appears at the end of each review.  I rate on a scale of zero to five, five being the highest rating.  For those who prefer a ten point scale, simply double my rating!

   Thanks for visiting A.J.'s Place!  I hope you come back often!  
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